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WESTMOUNT COURT | architecture

McKinley Burkart Architects mixed-use building with a modern and sculptural design. 



With the objective of creating an iconic architectural statement, the 34,600 square foot building seemingly floats above the ground like a sculptural art piece. The three-storey glass structure sits on a concrete plinth, and the transparency of the main floor opens up to the surrounding landscaping and pedestrian pathways, making this a natural place for cafe seating. 

McKinley Burkart_Westmount_Floorplan.jpg
Westmount Court is an expression of architecture as sculpture.
McKinley Burkart_Mark Burkart_Sketch (1).jpg
McKinley Burkart_Mark Burkart_Sketch (3).jpg

Our client came to us with seemingly contradictory requests: design a building that would be the jewel of a multi-building corporate campus, and work within a very tight budget.

By working closely with our contractor and adhering to a simple yet strong architectural concept, we delivered a building that satisfied both requests. 

McKinley Burkart_Westmount_Elevation A.jpg
McKinley Burkart_Westmount_Elevation B.jpg