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VILLAGE ICE CREAM | interior design

Award-winning interior design by McKinley Burkart for Village Ice Cream. 



interior design + art consultation

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Village Ice Cream is a summer staple, and for their Britannia and Garrison locations, we gave each shop a distinct personality.  Village Garrison took on a moody, retro vibe, while Village Britannia was bright, fresh, and clean.  In both spaces, we highlighted the fascinating production of the small-batch ice cream by providing views into the ice cream laboratories. We played off the social aspect of going for ice cream and created spaces for people to stand and mingle, both indoors and out. 

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We focused on the importance of creating a connection with the outdoors, incorporating operable windows and custom concrete patio seating. On a warm summer night the line-up of eager ice cream connoisseurs often wraps around the block, but with hip hop beats playing and the promise of a delicious double scoop, none of the local Villagers seem to mind the wait.


architectural digest

named village ice cream one of the top nine ice cream shops in the world. 

“McKinley Burkart has built two of our locations and is in the process of renovating a third. They don’t over-design, they listen to the client, and they create spaces that authentically represent the brand above all else.”
— Billy Friley, owner of Village Ice Cream
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