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UNDRCARD BOXING STUDIO | interior design

McKinley Burkart's award-winning design for UNDRCARD boxing studio and gym. 



interior design

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With a boxing studio reminiscent of a nightclub, dedicated retail space showcasing glam black and white boxing gloves, and a healthy juice and coffee shop – suitably named "Yo Adrian!" – UNDRCARD is anything but your typical fitness studio. Inspired by the urban boxing scene in Chicago, New York, and London, we created an underground, urban vibe, while maintaining a welcoming environment suitable for newcomers and seasoned boxers alike.

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We broke up the large two-storey space by creating literal boxes throughout, with white wood framework land-marking the reception, retail, and café areas, and the regulation-size boxing ring serving as a focal point.  We played with scale and focused on nodes to develop a customer journey throughout the space, providing a variety of touch-points for trainers to interact with guests and guests to interact with each other.

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We put ourselves in the shoes of the customers to imagine the total spatial journey from start to finish.  We designed “planned happenstance” by creating opportunities for people to connect with one another spontaneously.

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fight the good fight.

Authenticity was key for the gym to become a place where both boxers and fitness junkies could feel at home. The industrial bones of the heritage building were the perfect springboard for the gritty boxing studio design; with brick walls, factory-style windows, and wood beams informing the overall aesthetic.  We struck a fine balance between elevated and industrial by opting for a graphic and minimal approach.  We created contrast with simple design elements in black and white, punctuated by pops of neon and brass. 

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“Guests feel transported and inspired.”
— joanna magik, co-founder and director of UNDRCARD