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THE SHORE LUXURY RESIDENCES | architecture + interior design

McKinley Burkart designed the architecture and interiors for this multi-unit luxury vacation destination in Tofino, Canada. 



architecture + interior design

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Comprised of 25 condominium units and seven retail stores, this 40,000 square foot mixed-use project on the harbor front in Tofino, BC has transformed what was once a derelict and abandoned fish packing plant into a vibrant center for the town. A full environmental abatement was undertaken and the natural shorefront restored to allow for public access and recreation. The building steps down the natural slope of the site offering ocean views to all of the units. The interiors of the units portray a stripped down west coast luxury with white walls, clear cedar ceilings and unobstructed views of the harbor. Each unit is complemented by an equally luxurious outdoor space furnished with contemporary seating and dining areas. Cantilevered glass guard rails were used to maintain the unimpeded view of the harbor.

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The metal from the demolished fish packing plant was carefully disassembled and shipped to Costa Rica to be used in building a new orphanage. The adjoining pier has been rehabilitated to accommodate amenities such as a restaurant, marina, kayak storage and a yoga studio. Grey water from the complex is retained in a cistern and is used to irrigate the landscaping and the green roof over the restaurant.

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A well-designed home is not precious or fragile, it has a life and spirit of its own. You get a sense that the space has its own stories and secrets - a sort of humanity that lets you feel immediately at home.
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The Shore Tofino

life is a collection of experiences, and we want to make each and every one extraordinary.

From the moment you wake up, to the meals you make, to enjoying a glass of wine by the fire, there are countless opportunities to create special moments.  We believe that design has the power to change your life for the better by shifting the way you interact with your home and engage with the people you love.  

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