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THE CRITERION | architecture + interior design

McKinley Burkart's architectural design for global developer, Grosvenor, for an urban mixed-use residential, retail, and restaurant development. 



architecture + interior design

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With the city at your fingertips and the world at your feet, The Criterion embodies smart urban living in Calgary's most desirable neighbourhood.  Situated at the junction of 4th Street and 17th Avenue, this project holds a uniquely vibrant position in the city. With street interface on the busiest retail and entertainment street as well as the most-used pedestrian corridor into the core and backing onto a peaceful residential street, the site offers a remarkable design opportunity to create a hub at one of the most important crossroads in town.  The architectural language is rooted in the context of the community, but abstracted into a timeless modern aesthetic, setting a new standard for mixed-use projects in Calgary and become an iconic landmark for the community.

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We design the places people escape to: the nightclubs, the restaurants, the beauty parlours.  We bring this expertise to every project, including large-scale developments, by creating amenity spaces that embody the vibrancy and sense of community we inject into all of our projects. 

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Hi, Hey, Hello...

Get to know your neighbours with engaging streetside retail.  Designed to enliven and activate 4th Street, the main floor suites are a retailer's dream, featuring huge window bays, fabric awnings, and a London-inspired storefront aesthetic. 

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Developing a strong identity for this project was critical to determining how it would fit into an established neighbourhood.

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Two residential towers rise from a cluster of lower multi-use buildings.  Staggered on the site, each and every unit is afforded breath-taking views.  With seven different floorplate configurations, the towers host floors of seven, six, five, four, and two units, in addition to top floor and mid-level penthouse units. 

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This project offers the opportunity to improve the community. We have not taken this responsibility lightly, and we have placed a huge emphasis on how The Criterion can serve as a local gathering place and enrich the urban fabric.

street style

Situated on a quiet residential avenue, the townhomes of The Criterion have an urban loft vibe with factory-style windows and a big-city facade.  Trees and greenery soften these walk-ups and provide privacy to the ground floor units, while also making these homes feel like they have always been a part of the neighbourhood. 

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Guests and home-owners are welcomed into a stunning courtyard, complete with car circle, public art, and gardens. 

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We are designing a lifestyle, crafting new and meaningful experiences through the built environment.  The Criterion is a dynamic mix of residences with impactful street level restaurants and boutiques.