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Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters was started in 2007 by two best friends who are actually named Phil and Sebastian.  For over a decade, these engineer-turned-coffee-connoisseurs have been bringing top-notch coffee to their community, teaching people how to fall in love with espresso. When we met them at the start of their journey, we were inspired by their unique story and acute attention to quality and craft, things that we ourselves are rather obsessed with.  We knew that their brand demanded something with more soul than the corporate cafes quickly dominating the coffee landscape.  We wanted to help these budding entrepreneurs build an identity as layered and rich as their story (and their espresso), so we joined forces to design their first cafe and three subsequent locations to follow.  We took the spirit of our clients and their business and infused each cafe with life, character, and energy.  

 Phil & Sebastian Mission

Phil & Sebastian Mission

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The heart of Phil & Sebastian is community, so with each new location we built on the idea of an “anti-brand” by developing an identity and attitude specific to each neighbourhood. 
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McKinley Burkart has always understood the power of a consistent and layered brand. In the restaurant world – especially where multiple locations are involved – a strong brand can be the defining difference between success and failure. 

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“As impressive as McKinley Burkart’s portfolio was, it wasn’t what won us over. Not only did they appreciate what we were trying to do with coffee, they also brought a similar level of passion and dedication to their own craft.”
— Phil & Sebastian
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