The Odeon is a multi-use building that is designed to foster pedestrian life through street-level retail space.  This building incorporates natural greenery through a roof-top garden and cascading foliage down the facade of the building.  This is juxtaposed with clean glass curtain walls, and grounded with heavy stone-clad columns.  

This building sits on a challenging sloped site, which McKinley Burkart took advantage of to create stepped zones and terraces.  There is a distinct differentiation of volumes, from the terraces to the glass curtain walls, allowing this building to feel light and welcoming. The composition is broken up on the main floor with glass store-fronts framed by heavier stone-clad columns.  McKinley Burkart worked with the City of Calgary to set the precedent for height and massing in the future developments within the Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone.