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MOUNTAIN HOUSE | architecture + interior design

McKinley Burkart Architect's modern residential design for a custom vacation home in the mountains. 



architecture + interior design

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This vacation home was commissioned by a skiing enthusiast for his family in a Rocky Mountain resort town.  Located north of Vancouver, the compact, chalet-style pedestrian town is ideal for a weekend retreat, offering opportunities to experience outdoor adventure or relax and recharge in seclusion.  The house reflects this lifestyle, with a compact footprint and a program that reflects the family's relationship with the locale. 

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“This house is made of the mountain.”
— mark burkart
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This home rejects the typical over-sized vacation home, exemplifying how successful design is born out of the thoughtful consideration and preservation of site and locale.  Discarding traditional spatial adjacencies allowed us to facilitate a new dialogue between both the occupants and the home and the home and the landscape.  

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