mckinley burkart offices


The McKinley Burkart Offices are a true embodiment of the McKinley Burkart brand.  With a stark contrast between the black formal space with white studio space, this design is not short on drama.  We believe that our offices allow people to work and think differently; it is a unique work environment that promotes creative thinking and collaborative work. Designed to be two things simultaneously, the space is both inspirational and aspirational. The inspirational side of our workplace is meant to encourage our staff to work as a team in a space that feels good everyday. The aspirational side of it is for our clients because it demonstrates how a space can change the people feel and work.

Our studio space is completely open, bright and white, with 5' diameter dome lights, gold-leafed by Partner Mark Burkart's father.  This open environment enables the collaboration we thrive on, allowing team members to discuss, observe, and meet at the drop of a hat.  We feel it as a team, and we see it in our work: collaboration sets us apart.  This studio promotes a meeting of the minds.  While the public spaces are a dramatic black, conveying a sense of luxury and glamour, the white on white studio spaces embody our ethos of a clean, bright and friendly workspace.