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Market is a contemporary space with a nod to locally sourced, market-fresh, homemade fare.

Market’s dramatic monochromatic interiors provide the perfect backdrop for the restaurant’s vibrant and colourful farm-inspired meals. A quirky and whimsical take on farm-fresh, all of the art in the space including custom hand-painted murals, vegetable anatomy diagrams, and hand-stitched embroidery art pieces were commissioned by local artists, further emphasizing the exchange that happens between a restaurant and its community.

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It all started with a young restaurateur's dream to start a restaurant that was hyper-committed to local talent, ingredients, and cuisine. At Market everything ties back to local. Urban cultivators harvest fresh ingredients, all pop is made in house, and canned veggies stock the shelves. With an investment in up-and-coming chefs the menu flourished. We transformed the interiors with a unique open concept plan literally drawing a line of white and black, dark and light. This distinction through materials created the two key features of the space; dining and bar.

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“I would strongly recommend McKinley Burkart. They listened to our wants and needs and were able to work within our budget. They take your vision and add their own special touch to make it that much better.”
— vanessa salopek, owner, market
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