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McKinley Burkart's restaurant design for Hudsons Canada's Pub is inspired by camping and Canada. 



Hudsons, an established Canadian pub, came to us ready for a refresh.  We partnered with their brand-strategist and collaborated to re-imagine Canada’s pub.   Through extensive research, we ideated a concept that celebrates what it means to be Canadian.  Our design decisions were rooted in the diverse demographics Hudsons sees walk through their doors.  With this concept set to be implemented in multiple locations across Canada, it was important that it held relevancy throughout the country.  We looked to the shared experiences and memories that many Canadians have,  drawing inspiration summer camp, granddad’s workshop, classic campware, and clever inventions.   Like any great pub, Hudsons has something that everyone can relate to, offering a sort of modern nostalgia, perfect for reminiscing over a pint. 

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From start to finish, the customer journey is always front of mind.
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In order to create the classic pub experience, we first dissected the customer journey with our client, focusing on the different interactions that occur at different times of day.  It was essential for the space to transform successfully from a lunch restaurant to an after-work sports bar and finally to a late-night party, complete with dance floor and DJ.  We created multiple guest touch-points and flexible planning to provide the optimal guest experience at any time of day.  

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We tell a story through the details.  We create tactile experiences at every scale to convey the brand message again and again. This holistic approach is what makes a cohesive customer experience. 

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Workshop influences can be seen throughout the space.  Rather than using typical beer hall tables, we created tables that are one part picnic bench, one part invention. For accent lighting, we wrapped steel beams in workshop lights complete with custom coloured cords.  Bespoke bar stools feature expressed metal joinery and a natural wood finish reminiscent of hockey sticks. 

“Exploring shared memories through design lends complexity to what is often considered a more casual pub experience.”
— emma moss, interior designer
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As part of the total brand overhaul, we revamped the exterior of the pubs as well to embody the bold and (ironically) unapologetic attitude of Hudsons.  In keeping with the Canadian references, we utilized heavy timbers and horizontal boards, but in high contrast black and red.  We kept the aesthetic clean and modern to differentiate Hudsons from traditional British pubs, and develop a new language for what it means to be a Canadian pub. 

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