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McKinley Burkart's retail design for Henry Singer Fashion Group's flagship store. 



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Henry Singer Fashion Group, an iconic Canadian menswear retailer, recently launched its new flagship store in Calgary, Alberta.  This 6000 square foot, highly experiential store embodies the luxury and modernity that Henry Singer is known for and expands its consumer lifestyle offering.  We worked closely with Henry Singer President Jordan Singer to design a space that encompasses Henry Singer's legacy.  Our primary focus was to strike a balance between the brand's rich, multi-generational history with its forward-thinking attitude.  Henry Singer specializes in offering a simple, seamless shopping experience, with a curated selection of brands sourced from fashion meccas around the world.  We kept this front of mind as we embarked on the design process, bringing together elements that lend to an effortless and globally-inspired shopping experience.  With a strong street presence, it was critical that the new space had impact and intrigue to make a lasting first impression. 

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“For the past 30 years, we’ve built a destination to inspire men’s style in downtown Calgary, and this move is really about elevating the experience for the next 30 years.”
— jordan singer, president of henry singer
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Approaching retail as theatre, we highlighted the tailoring process with a glass-fronted tailor shop flanked by a library of shirts on either side.  Henry Singer wanted to celebrate the craftsmanship of tailoring that has been passed down for generations.

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A central goal to creating an immersive and memorable customer experience was defining distinct moments within the larger picture of the space.  One of these is the VIP lounge, hidden behind a secret bookcase, and featuring a dramatic and private shopping experience. This private space is used for both made-to-measure custom tailoring appointments as well as personal shopping and fitting for special occasions such as weddings. 

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a word from henry singer president, Jordan Singer

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this gallery-inspired space serves as a clean backdrop accented by luxurious details, allowing the clothing to be the focal point.

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