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Inspired by vintage beauty parlors, Californian lofts and the aging party girl, we designed Hedkandi salons to be functional, well-designed spaces that feel just as eclectic as someone’s home. Each salon has its own unique theme and exists independently yet simultaneously; the three locations are an extension of each other. 

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Working with the Hedkandi brand has proven to be an exercise on style... how do you create something that is both stylish and timeless? 

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People naturally gravitate towards others with similar taste and style to themselves.  We recognize these patterns and use them to our advantage in our design approach.  By studying a small sample of a tribe, understanding of the entire tribe can be gained.  This allows us to design spaces that vary visually, yet are equally comfortable to their tribal users.  This aesthetic versatility lends itself to the development of layered, complex brands with multiple locations.  The brand message remains strong, while the interiors provide new yet familiar experiences to gain new customers while appealing to loyal brand ambassadors. 

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Hedkandi Bankers Hall

The aesthetic of this salon is an eclectic take on Adolf Loos’ 30’s style interiors, with its marbled floors and coffered ceilings. Upon entry, a large geometric cerused wood reception desk greets clients as they walk in. Brass and smoked glass screens create privacy for Hedkandi’s clients, but also create curiosity from mall walkers as they pass by. The salon is home to one-of-a-kind light fixtures including the unique custom lights with scalloped edges that float above cutting stations. With wood paneling throughout the space, the Hedkandi Bankers Hall salon is highly sophisticated and glamorous, ideal for customers who wish to feel pampered.

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“The McKinley Burkart team’s attention to detail is unparalleled and their creativity is endless.”
— michele mayne, salon director, hedkandi salon + butter beauty parlour
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