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GOOSE ISLAND BREW PUBS | global design concept

International brewpub design and concept development by McKinley Burkart Architects for global brand Goose Island. 



global design strategy
design roll-out for 8 locations

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Many of our restaurant clients come to us with strict operational requirements and precise functional targets. Goose Island, global brewpub chain, was no exception.  We worked directly with Goose Island to develop the design standard for their global expansion of brewpubs - establishments that house both brewery and eatery. We executed completely custom designs for 8 brewpubs over the course of 12 months, meeting aggressive timelines and collaborating with local architects for each location.  In each city, we optimized the site to create an amazing experience, whether it was with extensive outdoor patio spaces in Seoul and Sao Paolo, or the intimate pub treatment in London, the Goose Island brand truly shines around the world.  

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McKinley Burkart was tasked with sharing the Goose Island culture with the world.
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Monterrey | Sydney | London | Shanghai
Sao Paulo | Brussels | Mexico City | Seoul

The Goose Island brand is deeply rooted in its pioneering history of being innovators and leaders in the world of craft brewing award-winning beers. Their mission is to inspire the world and share their craft by creating brewpubs around the world in prominent global centres. The pubs are the brand embassies bringing the distinct Goose Island culture to a new market.

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each and every element was custom-designed to tell the goose island story

It was important to us that the interiors were casual, approachable, and offered a totally unique beer experience. By creating a variety of different experiences within each brewpub, guests can happily return again and again and expect a different encounter each time. Whether they choose the dining area, communal tables in the main hall, the brewmaster’s table, or a seat in the intimate bourbon room, every instance provides a new opportunity to connect with the brand.


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We demystified the brewing process by making the brewery the main event.  

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