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EARLS KITCHEN + BAR | interior design

McKinley Burkart's restaurant design for national chain,  Earls Kitchen + Bar.



interior design + art consultation

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This rapidly expanding and well-loved restaurant chain partnered with us as they started a fresh chapter in the Earls Kitchen + Bar story, set to open multiple new locations and positioning themselves to move into the US market. To strengthen their identity and set our client up for success, we designed an experience that is cohesive across multiple locations, ensuring alignment with the national brand.  Inspired by the cuisine, simple food presented beautifully, we started with a timeless palette with a California-inspired ease.  

McKinley Burkart’s work will change the destiny of Earls forever.
— mo jessa, president of earls
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we took what had made earls successful and established a new vocabulary for how guests connect with the brand.  

Earls Crossroads

Earls Crossroads

“We embraced the playful ease of Earls and updated it for a new generation of diners.”
— walker mckinley
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We commissioned Canadian artist, Maya Gohill, to come up with her own interpretations of the beloved Earls mascots: a pig, a parrot, and a monkey.

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