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CRAFT VANCOUVER | interior design

McKinley Burkart Architecture and Interior Design restored Vancouver's historic salt building for the design of Craft Beer Market.



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In a bold presentation of beer on tap, the main feature of CRAFT Beer Market is the network of tap pipes that spring from the bar and run along the ceiling to the specialty chilled keg room at the back of the bar. The first CRAFT location was instrumental in turning its downtown street into the vibrant and thriving place locals have come to know and love. Now, CRAFT has expanded into six cities across the country and is touted as a Friday night favourite.  

After completing both CRAFT Calgary and CRAFT Edmonton, McKinley Burkart continued working with the restaurant as it moved west for the CRAFT Vancouver. Located in a historic Salt Building on the waterfront, this marriage of heritage architecture and the bold, established brand of CRAFT exemplifies our ability to flex our creative muscles, resulting in a bright, beautiful and functional space. Working with an existing setting and structure, we developed a deep understanding of the challenges of working with a heritage building, navigating the permitting process and working within complicated conditions and constraints.

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We saw the importance of Craft Vancouver as the keystone for this up-and-coming community.  We wanted to create a gathering place; the type of place that creates buzz and vibrancy in a neighbourhood. 

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“In elevating the entire beer and beer hall experience, McKinley Burkart has re-established a modern and sophisticated context for a product that was once seen as simple.”
— socrates korgonas, owner, last best brewing + distilling, wood buffalo brewing co, banff ave brewing company, bear hill brewing company
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We were excited have the opportunity to work in a building with such a rich history.  Everything about the salt building spoke to the Craft brand: the raw beauty of the industrial architecture, the focus on process and production, and of course, the sheer scale of the warehouse. 

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CRAFT beer halls are massive spaces, so to anchor the space and ensure consistency across multiple locations, we always start by designing around a central, race-track bar.  This sprawling, wrap-around bar facilitates mingling and gives beer aficionados  a place to perch while they ponder their next pint. This signature bar shape has been a continuous element in every CRAFT location. 

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