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When Hedkandi salon owner Jereme Bokitch approached us to create a new beauty parlour concept, he had one goal: create a space where the client could "feel like a goddess."  Our response was to create beautiful and aspirational spaces that women could appreciate and relate to. It was imperative that the salon was different from typical salons that have a cold, clinical feel.  From in-depth conversations about fashion, lifestyle, and design, Butter Beauty Parlour was born.  Opening almost five years apart, the aesthetic is different for Butter's two locations, but the fundamental qualities they share are the same.  Both salons embody a particular type of woman that many women aspire to be: stylish, fashion-forward, well-traveled, comfortable in their own skin, and expressing their identity fully.  

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“Design allows us to escape the mundane.”
— caelan tatz, interior designer
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Blending luxury and comfort was key to creating a comfortable yet glamorous experience.
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We abstracted vintage elements and re-imagined them for Butter's clientele.  We took mid-century modern breezeblocks and the classic hollywood vanity and gave them a modern twist. 

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The client's art, a pair of surreal aerial photos by Joshua Jensen Nagle, anchors the space.  This notion of saturation paired with serenity permeated the entire design concept. 

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Butter Mission has a certain residential quality that makes you feel like you’re hanging out in the loft apartment of a stylish best friend. 
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There's no place like home...

Although the space itself is quite stylized, it was our intent for the design to be eclectic and approachable. We envisioned a space that would appeal to a broad range of clientele. To achieve this we incorporated a variety of unique fixtures and furniture pieces to better enable clients to identify or connect with the space in some way or another.

As within the home, key conversation areas were created to allow for greater interactions between the users and the estheticians. The clientele are given the opportunity to experience their treatments in the unusual comfort of residential-style furniture. Blow-outs and styling occurs while seated at a round table with an elegant chandelier and free standing mirrors, while pedicures are provided in luxurious marble foot baths placed in front of sofas adorned with mix-n-match pillows. The mechanical characteristics of typical salon furniture are forgone in favour of comfort and luxury, achieving an experience that is more culturally relevant and where women can momentarily disconnect from their lives and reconnect with themselves and other women.

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