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McKinley Burkart's luxury office design for Vancouver developers, Bosa Development.



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Located in Burnaby, Canada, our clients engaged us at an exciting time for their business: the merger of two companies to form Bosa Development.  Bosa Development had the opportunity to re-imagine their brand, and subsequently, their office space.  For this massive 15,000 sf project, we worked with the Bosa Development team to hone in on their values and communicate them intuitively through the space.  With words like quality, casual luxury, focus, confident, progressive, and approachable,  we developed a concept that is minimal and luxurious in aesthetic and casual in attitude.  

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With the merger of two companies, respectively owned by father and son, came the opportunity for a fresh start for Bosa Development.  The office was a critical piece in communicating the vision for the new company to Bosa Development's team and clients.  The result is a space that marries old-school values with a refined and modern aesthetic. 

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We pulled the circulation to the windows, giving everyone access to light and the incredible Burnaby views.  Along these expansive corridors are collaborative touch-down areas that allow employees to collaborate and work in the style that suits them best.  Private offices set within the floor plan have entirely glass facades, softened with sheer drapery to allow light to filter through.

“Our new office has played a huge part in the transformation of our corporate culture and has become a talking point for anyone who visits. I gave specific direction on how I wanted the office to feel and operate; McKinley Burkart took that and created a masterpiece of form, function and inspiration. We couldn’t be happier!”
— ryan bosa, president of bosa development
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The design expresses the sophistication and tailored quality that bosa development brings to its projects. 

The clean architectural shell feels akin to luxury Italian furniture: finely detailed and made of classic and timeless materials.  This simple approach plays well with the grand scale of the space.  To add an element of softness and a residential quality, we avoided typical office furniture and instead chose pieces based on character and personality. This creates a sense of high-end comfort typically reserved for the penthouse suite in a downtown condominium. 

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Layered textures and tones make for a rich, timeless palette.
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