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BEARSPAW COUNTRY CLUB | architecture + interior design

Golf clubhouse architecture and interior design by McKinley Burkart Architects. 



architecture + interior design


Bearspaw Country Club ushers in a new era of golf with the opening of its new clubhouse in the Spring of 2018.  Nestled in the Alberta foothills just outside of city limits, we designed a clubhouse that celebrates the breathtaking landscape that has captivated Bearspaw golfers for almost three decades.

“The new golfer is looking for a total experience that is unique and specific. This means that the design, from the grand architectural gesture to the logo on the scorecard, should reflect a unique local experience.”
— Mark Burkart
McKinley Burkart_Bearspaw_Parti-2_inverted.jpg

Typically, clubhouse design references traditional aesthetics and iconic clubhouses from around the world, with an emphasis on formality and connection to tradition.  We challenged this paradigm and settled on a concept that whole-heartedly embraces the community and the landscape, renewing the clubhouse’s relevance and establishing a new attitude of rustic luxury.  We started the process by getting a comprehensive understanding of the site.  The new clubhouse draws upon the language of the foothills and local building traditions rather than mock-tudor and Victorian architectural styles, resulting in an iconic yet appropriate building that is much more appropriate for the community.


The community and residents of Bearspaw know what is important: family, friends, nature, simplicity.  The design intends to reflect this…celebrating the place they live by creating a unique architectural language.

McKinley Burkart_Bearspaw_Rendering (16).jpg