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BAR ANNABELLE | interior design + brand identity

The world's tiniest wine bar designed by McKinley Burkart with graphic identity by McKinley Burkart's branding division, Little Sister. 



interior design
brand identity by
Little Sister Creative

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Leslie Echino, the restaurateur behind Calgary-favourite Blink, approached us with a unique challenge: design the world's tiniest wine bar in the hole-in-the-wall next door to Blink.  We were tasked with transforming a decommissioned nail salon into a cozy space fit for sharing small plates and a curated wine list.  We dove headfirst into an exploration of tiny bars around the world, from tapas bars in Barcelona to French brasseries in Paris.  For this project, we wanted to carve a niche in a global culture of tiny casual dining. 

Such was born Bar Annabelle, a concept inspired by cool girls around the world.  Taking on both the graphic design and interiors, our graphic design department gave a distinct identity to Bar Annabelle, bringing the concept to life through feminine detailing with a retro flair.  This carries through the entire project with a rich colour palette and quirky touches adorning the space. 

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The size of the bar alone informed many of the design decisions that have come to be key elements of the design.  Space constraints meant the turntable needed to be directly on the bar, and wall-hung tables fit for two line the edge of the space.  Bar Annabelle encourages people to mingle with strangers by shrinking our personal bubbles and creating an intimacy typically reserved for century-old bars in Europe. 

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