McKinley Burkart was hired to design the first Aritzia first shop outside of their hometown of Vancouver.  The Calgary store had a slightly 1960s mod vibe, designed to reflect the eclectic, vintage-inspired taste of the 16 to 30-somethings who shopped there.  The space embodies that retro flare by playing with the scale of sixties motifs, such as square and circle combinations.  This graphic quality is carried through the materials as well, with unique woods selected for their colour and grain patterns.  McKinley Burkart implemented exotic woods like Brazilian rosewood and antique olive wood. Limestone was also introduced to the space and the custom lamps throughout the shop were made with wood veneer. In line with McKinley Burkart’s commitment to brand-interior continuity, the firm also designed and created all of the store attributes at the time such as boxes, bags and packaging.