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When it comes to design, culture, and collaboration, we think like a boutique firm, but we deliver as an industry leader in terms of process, technology, and best-practices in resource management. 



we create places for people

McKinley Burkart believes in the power of architecture to enliven and enrich communities, and our holistic approach is rooted in context and concept. We explore the complex relationships between the community, site, building, and interiors, and how each of these elements relate back to a central concept to create a total work of art.  The final product has a strength and consistency that resonates throughout the experience. 

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We understand the complex dynamics of a neighbourhood and its businesses, and we believe that every addition to a neighbourhood should be examined as a part of the whole rather than as a stand-alone object.  We strive to create architecture that enhances the ethos of the community rather than competing with it. Potentially our strongest differentiator is our ability to view any project through a lifestyle lens, honed over decades of completing a diverse range of architectural and interior design projects.  We start each project with experiential consideration of how people will interact with our buildings and spaces. The user experience always has been and always will be our primary focus.

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Our team of registered architects, architectural technologists, and interior designers have unparalleled expertise in integrated architecture and interior design. it is the crucial role of developers, architects, and designers to envision the future, and we believe in forging partnerships with people who care about the city as much as we do.  With aligned goals, decades of experience, and uncompromising vision, we bring our clients’ dreams to fruition.

We have the technical expertise to bring to life buildings that are both functional and impactful.

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We provide architectural design from project conception through completion.  In addition to our comprehensive architectural services, we also offer the following:

  • Concept + Visioning
  • Placemaking
  • Programming + Planning
  • Feasibility / Highest + Best Use
  • Public Outreach + Community Engagement
  • New Builds
  • Renovation and Preservation